I've been a big Pokémon fan since I was ten, so this was a bit of dream project for me! We won a job with the The Pokémon Company to take Pokémon to the youngest audience yet, five year olds and under. They wanted a new softer, cuter restyle for the characters and- no pressure!- we were told this was the first time an artist outside Japan has been allowed to develop a new style for the property.

The app is a suite of small simple games accessible by exploring a colorful clubhouse. I concepted and illustrated all the environments, most of the game content, developed the characters from sketch to animated rig, and did about half the character animations in the app.

With fifty two interactive Pokémon plus our host, this was a LOT of art and animation to manage and all time I wasn't making art was spent keeping track of everything visual and directing the other artists and animators!

(Developed as part of the Curious Media team)

Some of the playhouse environments. I worked in lots of little details and cameo 'mons for the Pokémon parents out there to spot. :)
The mini games include a sort of care station/day spa where you heal what ails a cast of troubled Pokémon, a sushi bar-inspired feeding station, a musical game featuring singing Pokémon, three interactive storybooks, and a huge playground where you can take Pokémon you've collected outside for some fun.   
There's also a puzzle game, these were fun little locations to design.     
Concept art!    
Both the American and Japanese offices (and ultimately even the company president!) needed to sign off on the new style. There were a LOT of iterations and tweaks between concept and final artwork. These were original explorations into the 'cuter, softer' preschool look.   
All the Pokémon featured in the game are on the left there, and to the right a little bonus personal promo I made using the ones that ended up on the cutting room floor during production. :)