^v^----------- Status -----------^v^
Last Updated: Nov 15th
-- Monthly Special ($100) --
     Closed for now!
---------- Busts ($160) ---------
     1) Taken!
     2) Open
     3) Open
- Full Illustration ($260+) -
     1) Taken!
     2) Open
     3) Open
^v^----------- Types -----------^v^
--- Monthly Special ($100) -----
These are casual commissions around a theme. Up to my discretion how close we’re focused in on the character and what kind of background treatment there is. No promises, but I am known to go way overboard on small commissions when I get excited...
>> Temporarily Closed <<
----------- Busts ($160) ----------
I love faces! These are focused in on the head and shoulders of your character with a minimal and appropriate background. Pick an expression for them if you have one in mind!
--- Full Illustration ($260+) ---
These are big slots open to larger illustration requests. My expectation here is a detailed background/scene and includes up to two characters to start!
* In all cases, add $60 per additional character
* If you have another type of commission in mind, message me and let's talk!
^v^--- Guidelines and info ---^v^
What I need from you!
- Tell me what you want drawn! :D
- Share any existing references of original characters if you got ‘em!
- I usually post finished work to my deviantArt, Tumblr, Twitter, and sometimes my ArtStation and Behance galleries. If you'd rather I did not share your commission online, that's perfectly fine, just let me know!
- When I do share online, I like to include a link to YOUR main web presence so people can find you if they want to learn more about your work! If you like, when you send me info also share a place online where you can be found! Any of the sites listed above would be ideal, or your website if you got one.
- Email your request to pookadraws@gmail.com

- Wait until I accept your commission please!
- Payment through PayPal. (< Hit this link!)
- When I have your full payment, you’ve earned a slot on The List and I’ll get to your art asap!
- No porn requests please.
- You may not resell my artwork in whole or in part. If you’d like artwork done for corporate/business use or otherwise for profit, please contact me through my freelance page!