Hey all! Long time. Find myself missing the private commission circuit and making art in general lately, thought I’d open up a few slots specifically for portraits!

Some examples here for a general idea, but hit me up and tell me what you’d like made and I’ll get you an exact price for what you’re after. (Like if you want something larger or smaller than a painted portrait we can discuss.)

For painted art in the style below, it'll be around $250 a character. This includes a round of revisions to the pencil art (which you approve before I move on) and two rounds of revisions to the painted art.

--- Guidelines and Info ---

What I need from you!
- Describe what you want drawn, and share any existing references of original characters if you got ‘em!
- Email your request to pookadraws@gmail.com

- I'll send you an invoice via PAYPAL once we're both ready to begin!

- No porn or explicit erotica please.
- You may not resell my artwork in whole or in part. If you’d like artwork done for corporate/business use or otherwise for profit, please contact me through my freelance page!

*ALSO: I sometimes post finished work to my deviantArt, Tumblr, Twitter, ArtStation, and Behance galleries. If you'd rather I did not share your commission online, that's perfectly fine, just let me know!

*When I post finished work I love to include a link to YOUR galleries/websites so people can find you and learn about you and your work! If you like, when you send me info also share a place (or places) online where you can be found.