• 5 years lead artist at game studio doing high-profile work for Disney, PBS, Hasbro, etc
             Illustrator, animator, character-rigger, environmental and character designer
             BFA in Graphic Design (Boise State)
             Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator

What I Do!

Heyo! I'm Leah Fuhrman, a small, grudgingly-diurnal creature native to Boise Idaho. I've been a lifelong voracious drawer, got a degree in Graphic Design in 2013, and have been five years and counting in the game industry, working at children's entertainment studio Curious Media for the likes of Disney, Hasbro, PBS, Scholastic, DreamWorks, and the Jim Henson Company.

I've been in various senior and lead roles at Curious as an artist. I direct team mates, coordinate technical requirements with the developers, create and manage task lists, all while being our heavy hitter for both illustration and for animation support.

Outside of management, my typical tasks are asset-creation (both vector and raster) and creation/modification of characters for Flash animation including rigging. I've also done a metric ton of game animation myself at this point, also in Flash. I also do a lot of proposal/concept art to help win jobs and communicate pitches to prospective clients.  

I'm self-directed when it comes to art and animation, and also very experienced working on a team with a project manager, designer, developers, other artists, and of course, the clients.

I am fluent in Photoshop and Flash with a minor in Illustrator and a history of dabbling in Sculptris. I've worked extensively with HTML5 and Unity developers.

What I Can Do for You!

I am looking to expand my body of work and do tasks I don't often get at my day job, for clients I wouldn't be able to experience there. If any of my expertise above makes me a good fit for your project, do hit me up about being your contract artist!

I also enjoy logo creation, mascots, tattoos and similar one-off small projects. I have taken private commissions for over ten years, for book covers, website banners, gifts, cards, posters, t-shirts, mugs, and so on.

And, if you or a company you represent needs a game made, whether it's a puzzler or platformer, bound for web, mobile, or Steam... I have animation and developer friends with whom I can make this happen. Drop me a line!